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Services for Students, Faculty, and Staff

We empower students, faculty, and staff to develop writing skills and confidence by providing one-to-one consultations, resources, and programming that support and enhance writing across campus. Come see what our team of professional writing consultants has to offer:

UWC Consultant KC Collazo
  • Free, individualized writing consultations
  • Faculty consultations for designing assignments and for responding to student writing
  • Online resources
  • Online sessions for those who have trouble visiting the center

UWC Professional Writing Consultants can help you

  • Overcome writer's block
  • Brainstorm and find a topic
  • Understand audience and purpose
  • Develop a thesis
  • Incorporate sources effectively
  • Revise for coherence and organization
  • Edit for clarity and conciseness
  • Use MLA, APA, and Chicago formats
  • Understand grammar, punctuation, and usage
  • Develop revision strategies

What you need to know about writing consultations

What happens during a session?

Sessions vary from consultant to consultant. Consultations are individualized, according to your needs, so your consultant will work with you to decide which aspect of your writing to address. You may find yourself reading your paper aloud, freewriting, brainstorming, outlining paragraphs, making grammar corrections, etc. You may come to the Writing Center during any stage of your writing process. Sessions last 45 minutes, and, due to high demand, we ask that you schedule no more than three sessions per week. Please refer to the Writing Center's policies for further information.

Will a writing consultant correct my grammar and punctuation errors?

We see ourselves as teachers, coaches, mentors, and readers--not editors. We can teach you editing strategies and help you identify mechanical errors, but we won't proofread your papers for you.

Will my professor know that I visited the University Writing Center, or what we talked about?

No. You can ask your consultant for a note stating that you participated in a session, but the UWC and its consultants do not discuss sessions with professors. A professor may ask you about your UWC session if you tell him/her you visited us, but we consider what is said during a session to be confidential. It's important for you to feel safe to test out ideas, and it's important for us to stay outside of the evaluative classroom learning space.

For more information, answers to frequently asked questions, check out our Make an Appointment page.

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