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You can relax anywhere if you try hard enough, but why would you take a break on the floor when The Union has so many lounges, inside and out, to take advantage of?

We’re a place of student services, and what can serve a student better than a lounge? From TDU to the Airport Lounge, The Union integrates student needs into everything we create. That means helping each student succeed in everything they do, even when that means all you want to do is take a nap or kick back and enjoy lunch with your friends.


Though it may be a hub for student-curated performance, don’t doubt that playing pool with your friends and sprawling out on the couch isn’t just as good of a way to spend your free afternoon.

Recliner Lounge 

Check out the recliner lounge in TDU! It’s worth looking for. Eight leather recliners just for your comfort.

Airport Lounge

Found on the fourth floor, this lounge features art curated by The Union Galleries, so you’ll always find some inspiration for your work as you whittle away the hours in productive serenity.

Second Floor Lounge

Featuring purple and gold chairs arranged around square tables, not to mention the vending machines are just a few steps away. You can be sure chilling out and having a snack with your friends is not too far off in your future.

Outdoor Relaxation

Why not enjoy the sun on the third level patio. Have some lunch, meet up with a friend or just hang out. With a beautiful view of campus these high top tables were a result of student suggestions and a popular destination. Why not enjoy one of the purple swings or adirondack chairs located around the Union grounds. And, don’t forget to check out the TDU patio with the swivel rocking chairs.

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