What does home mean to you? This was the question we asked JMU’s Photography Club, prompting them to send us photos that illustrate their own, personal conceptions of “home.” We were delighted to receive a stunningly vast range of photos, both interior and exterior spaces, vacated and crowded areas, places near and far; all people, places and things that the artists clearly hold dear.

Though the selection of photos presented in this collection may be diverse, they all have in common the eye for detail, compositional expertise and above all, passion that these seven photographers have for their subjects. Whether wandering alone in the woods, or meandering through a crowded Christmas market, one can be assured of the comfort and connection that the artists have with the content of their images.

We hope that when viewers look at this collection, they can appreciate the vast range of perspectives that each of these photographers has offered. We hope to remind you of the multiplicity of experiences that life holds for us all, and that “home” can be a lot of different things. After appreciating what our talented artists have to share, we’ll ask you to reflect on the same question: what does home mean to you?

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