We inspire prospective students to see themselves as a part of JMU.


To grow the caliber of student recruitment efforts in step with the growth of JMU as a national university.

  • Authenticity: We require integrity in our work and share real stories that inspire.
  • Collaboration: We seek partnerships across campus to achieve enrollment goals.
  • Inspiration: We listen to all ideas and cultivate a creative vision with heart.
  • Innovation: We are creative and bold in communicating with the next generation of students.
  • Trust: We act with integrity, respect and compassion.
  • Results: We measure effectiveness and seek feedback to prioritize resources and improve.
Chris Meyers: Director of Enrollment Marketing

Project manager and lead strategist for prospective student marketing and university advertising. Consultant and resource for all student recruitment arms of the university to align marketing objectives and practices with JMU's brand.

Bill Gentry: Content Specialist

Writer, editor, storyteller and content strategist with expertise in the use of JMU's voice for prospective students. Editorial consultant for all student recruitment arms of the university.

Rinn Siegrist: Art Director

Graphic designer and creative director for all digital and print materials for prospective students. Creative consultant for all student recruitment arms of the university.

Katie Foster: Design Assistant

Graphic designer assisting in the layout and design of enrollment marketing materials in digital and print form.

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