Our primary focus is on JMU marketing projects. Due to limitations on time and resources, we are not able to schedule individual faculty/staff headshots or group photos throughout the year.

Headshot or Group Photo Sign Up

Faculty and staff are welcome to sign up for a five-minute photography time slot on this signup sheet.

We offer 4 dates each year for headshots and group photos. New dates will be added to the sheet when available.

How to prepare for your headshot or group photo slot
  1. Choose a date/time above and sign up on the Google sheet.
  2. If you scheduled a group photo, be sure to communicate the time slot to all persons who need to be in the photo.
  3. On the day of your shoot:
    • Dress professionally and avoid clothing with distracting logos or patterns.
    • Arrive at least 3 minutes prior to your scheduled time.
DIY Photos

Headshots and group photos for department websites/emails can also be captured with your phone! Below are some tips for capturing great photos of people on your device without the need for a professional photographer.

  • Indoor Light - If you’re shooting indoors, have your subject stand near a window (facing the window or slightly facing the window) for soft light and less harsh shadows. Do not take a photo of a person with a window or primary light source behind them. 
  • Outdoor Light - The best time to take photos of people outside is on a cloudy/overcast day to avoid harsh shadows from the sun. If the sun is out, find a shaded location for best results.
  • Background - Consider a simple, non-distracting background. If your phone has portrait mode, consider using it to blur the background.
  • Camera Height - Keep the camera near eye-level.
  • Individual Pose - If you’re shooting an individual, have the subject turn their body 45 degrees, then have them turn their head toward the camera.
  • Group Pose - Have all subjects turn their bodies 45 degrees toward the center.

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