The mission of Digital Marketing is to create, support, and encourage best-practices in delivering content via the web, email, mobile app, and podcast.


The vision of Digital Marketing is to be a comprehensive resource to University partners in order to increase communication efficiency and efficacy in JMU’s web, email, mobile app, and podcast channels.

  • Audience-focused
  • Data-driven
  • Standards-based
Randy Budnikas: Director of Digital Marketing

Resource to all JMU faculty/staff regarding questions or projects concerning the JMU Website (jmu.edu), JMU Email Marketing, or JMU Mobile Apps.

  • Performs regular automated and manual tests on webpages to ensure quality.
  • Performs advanced analysis of website and email marketing data.
  • Approves and publishes changes to the Google Tag Manager configuration.
  • Leads design initiatives for the jmu.edu website and JMU email marketing to ensure an effective experience for all consumers of JMU content.
  • Ensures that all JMU websites adhere to the branding standards set forth by the Identity guide.
  • Approves purchases of website domains.
  • Sets up official JMU podcast feeds in the central JMU iTunes account.
  • Manages the j.mu and beingthechange.org domains
  • Creates and maintains "j.mu" short urls.
  • Prioritizes and delegates projects and tasks to the Digital Marketing team.

Leigh Ayers: Digital Experience Engineer

Resource to all JMU faculty/staff to determine strategy and execution of effective email and web campaigns.

  • For Email
    • Assists with building strategic emails and writing email copy for select departments.
    • Works with Advancement training staff to ensure JMU faculty/staff are learning email best-practices and systems.
    • Analyzes outgoing emails for quality and brand consistency.
    • Uses email analytics and research to increase email communication efficacy and interprets those analytics for JMU faculty/staff.
    • Performs email A/B tests to learn audience behavior.
    • Designs effective and flexible email templates.
    • The Digital Experience Engineer does NOT do the following:
      • Create, validate, or maintain lists (unless it is a special case)
  • For Web
    • Provides site-specific website analytics reports.
    • Performs regular audits on high-priority websites, ensuring quality and efficacy.
    • Performs routine maintenance tasks on web pages.
    • Designs, builds, and maintains websites for select departments.
    • Helps ensure that website owners adhere to JMU's brand guidelines and web best practices.

Have questions or want to become more confident using Cascade? Leigh holds regular mentoring sessions. See her availability and schedule a mentoring session.

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