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The JMU campus has multiple sidewalks, service roads, and shared-use paths to accommodate pedestrians. These facilities include pedestrian activated traffic signals and flashing crosswalks lights, as well as wayside lighting and emergency call boxes. The Bicycle and Pedestrian Master Plan prescribes several future pedestrian infrastructure improvements, which will be implemented during the upcoming years.

To ensure safety, it’s recommended that all pedestrians stay aware of vehicular traffic and not assume “pedestrians have the right away.” This is especially important during class change times when everyone is rushing to get to class on time. For more safety tips for bicyclists, motorists and pedestrians, please visit Sharing the Road in Virginia.

Can I get there on time?

Students who choose to walk to classes are benefiting both themselves and their community. Those interested in their calorie expenditure while walking through campus should check out the DukeQuest Walking Map (, which also includes estimated walking times, distances, and elevation changes.

Students can also reference the CommonHealth Green Walking Tips for tips and information on walking./p>

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