The Talent Development team created and delivered these TD SHARES as a new virtual option to meet with peers and provide an opportunity to continue professional development in 2020. At this time, these resources are available for you to use in one of three ways:

Self-Development, Team Meetings, & Retreats

Each TD SHARE topic has a PDF-handout that shows a “stoplight summary” of key points for the topic, a closing observation, and resource listings for LinkedIn Learning, online, and books in the Talent Development Resource Collection

TD Share topics are listed below with access to a search tool, to identify topics by name. To further support you in enhancing the performance of yourself and your team, please reach out to us at td@jmu.edu. What you do supports the mission of JMU!

The table below is best viewed at horizontal orientation on your device.

Competency Topic Handout Link
Administrative Skills Meeting Virtually (Smile) Meeting Virtually Handout
Administrative Skills Organizing Workspaces Organizing Workspaces Handout
Administrative Skills Write Emails That Get Read Write Emails That Get Read Handout
Administrative Skills Getting Things Done Getting Things Done
Administrative Skills Time Management Time Management
Administrative Skills Writing for Action Writing for Action
Administrative Skills My Professionalism Priorities My Professionalism
Communication Self-Awareness for Personal Success Self-Awareness Handout
Communication Adjust Yourself: Extrovert vs Introvert Adjust Yourself: Extrovert vs Introvert Handout
Communication Improving Collaboration Improving Collaboration
Communication Body Language: Making Sure Your Meaning is Clear Body Language
Diversity, Equity, & Inclusion (DEI) Valuing Differences for an Inclusive Workplace Valuing Differences Handout
Diversity, Equity, & Inclusion (DEI) Getting Along with Co-Workers Getting Along with Co-Workers
Diversity, Equity & Inclusion (DEI) Bridging Differences Bridging Differences
Diversity, Equity, & Inclusion (DEI) Biases: Unconscious and Otherwise Biases: Unconscious and Otherwise
Diversity, Equity, & Inclusion (DEI) Microaggressions Microaggressions
Supervision/Management Manage Your Large or Small Projects Manage Projects Handout
Supervision/Management Post Project De-Brief Post Project De-Brief
Supervision/Management Coaching Others Coaching Others
Team Building Influencing Others for Results Influencing Others for Results
Leadership Change at Work Change at Work
Leadership Leading Without Formal Authority Leading Without Formal Authority
Leadership How to Make Better Decisions How to Make Better Decisions
Leadership Building Motivation Building Motivation
Leadership Re-framing Situations Re-framing Situations Handout
Leadership Strategic Thinking for Everyone, Every Day Strategic Thinking for Everyone, Every Day
Work/Life Wellness Coaching Yourself Coaching Yourself
Work/Life Wellness Self-Care Strategies Self-Care Strategies Handout
Work/Life Wellness Resilience Resilience Handout
Work/Life Wellness Growth Mindset Growth Mindset
Work/Life Wellness JMU Values and Me JMU Values and Me
Work/Life Wellness Be comfortable at your desk Be comfortable at your desk

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