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The Talent Development (TD) Competency Model highlights eight (8) areas of ability necessary for you to do your best work so you can reach your personal and professional goals. We have created a certificate program which gives you the opportunity to explore the learning landscape covered by the eight TD Competencies. These competencies were developed based on extensive research collecting input from supervisors and managers from throughout the JMU campus identifying specific skills and behaviors needed to be a successful employee at JMU.

Whether you are a new employee looking to grow your skills or a seasoned professional who wants to take it to the next level, there is something for everyone. Each Talent Development workshop is tagged by competency and level (Fundamental, Intermediate, and Advanced) to help you find the training that best suit your needs. You can locate these tags at the bottom of each workshop webpage.

Complete one (1) workshop in each TD Competency category (8 workshops total) to earn a "The Places You'll Grow!" Certificate of Completion to mark your achievement. If you have questions during your journey around the TD Competency Model, please do not hesitate to contact us by emailing or calling 568-4104.

Please note: To be eligible for certificate program credit all workshops must be taken after 2/15/2019.

Here are the steps to get you started:

  • Step One: Using the buttons below, click through the details of each competency to determine where you would like to start.
  • Step Two: View the TD Competency Model webpage, choose your first area of focus, and explore available workshops that link to that competency.
  • Step Three: Enroll for the workshop through MyMadison, and attend the session.

After the Workshop:

  • Step One: Find the competency area on your TD Competency Model Tracking Sheet and note the Workshop TD# and Date you completed the workshop.
  • Step Two: Choose your next area of focus, explore available workshops that link to that competency, enroll for the workshop through MyMadison, and attend the session. 
  • Step Three: Continue until you have completed one workshop in each of the eight (8) competency areas.

When you’ve attended one workshop in each competency, send your tracking sheet to TD to receive a Certificate of Completion.

Only one LinkedIn Learning course may be completed for this certificate in the event a workshop is not available.


If you would like more information about this certificate program, please join us for The Places You'll Grow Info Session (TD2425).  


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