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For the various reasons that you may have to either be away from campus or otherwise work remotely, here are recommendations for tools and methods to access campus resources and maintain contact with your colleagues and customers.

This page will continue to be updated as we gain more information, refine our processes, learn about new technologies.

Personal Meetings

Examples of this type of meeting would include:

  • Student Advising
  • Interviews
  • 1-on-1's with supervisors/employees
  • Consultations

Tools We Recommend:

Generally, whatever both participants are comfortable/familiar with. Additionally, while simple phone calls may suffice, if a more personal connection is desired, any number of web conferencing software products would work well. Specific recommendations include FaceTime, WebEx*, Zoom, Skype for Business* and Microsoft Teams.

* and italicized green font indicates this technology is supported by the JMU IT department.

Equipment Needed:

Each participant would need: a cellphone, tablet, or computer (laptop or desktop) with the appropriate app installed.

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