Should a transaction go through Sponsored Programs or can it be accepted by an individual?

Decision Tree: Is University Approval Required

How should students on my grant be paid? Who do I work with along the way?

Student Payment Types and Processes

Is this transaction a sponsored program or a gift?

Grant vs. Gift Decision Matrix

Grant vs. Gift Checklist Form

How do I determine if a collaborator is a sub-recipient or a contractor?

Collaboration Guide

Data Management Plan Tool

To create a DMP, the JMU Library recommends using the California Digital Library's DMPTool.

Visit and click "Get Started" to select James Madison University and log in with your JMU e-ID and password.

JMU has provided customized "suggested response text" to each template, relating to data storage options on campus.  Researchers can then copy and paste the relevant institutional information to their plan.

If you have any questions please contact Yasmeen Shorish, the Science Librarian, at or see the JMU library website for answers and links to additional information.

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