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Refer all questions to the SGA Elections Commissioner, Danny Gaffin -

SGA Elections Policy 2020-2021

Minor Elections positions include:
  • Class Council  (Class of 2022, 2023, 2024, 2025 – President, Vice President, Secretary of Events, or Secretary of Communication)
  • Academic College Senator (College of Arts & Letters, College of Business, College of Education, etc.)

Class Council has their own committee for planning class events and traditions; College Senators will be on another committee (Legislative Action, Diversity, etc.).

Each class shall elect four class officers (President, Vice-President, Secretary of Communication, and Secretary of Events).

Each class council officer must also serve as a Senator and shall have the same duties and responsibilities as a Senator. Class Council seats that are not filled will not become At-Large seats.

There shall be sixteen seats available to Class Council members once elected to office.

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