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Each class shall elect four class officers (President, Vice-President, Secretary of Communication, and Secretary of Events).

Each Class Council officer must also serve as a Senator and shall have the same duties and responsibilities as a Senator.

Class Councils

Class Councils

President: Claire Geith

Vice President: Hill Yauger


Secretary of Communications: Vacant

Secretary of Events: Vacant


Instagram: @jmusga23


President: Paola Berrios

Vice-President: Helen Nguyen

Secretary of Communications: Vacant

Secretary of Events: Kelly Cobbs 

STAY CONNECTED: Instagram: @sgajmu24

President: Kathryn Manico

Vice-President: Carson Davis 

Secretary of Communications: Joi Johnson 

Secretary of Events: John Petchel 


Instagram: @jmusga_2025

President: Reagan Polarek 

Vice-President: Rebecca Crocitto 

Secretary of Communications: Ella Stotzky 

Secretary of Events: Mercy Bagley 

Instagram: jmusga_2026

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