In order to file a property loss claim with the university, there are a number of things that must be done:

  1. Fill out a Property Loss Notice
  2. You must also submit the following information:

    1. Copies of invoices(and DPO if applicable) for the lost or damaged property.
    2. Copies of invoices (and DPO if applicable) for the replacement items.
    3. The police/incident report for the theft/damage, if one is available.
    4. Once you have this information, forward to:
      Risk Management
      MSC 6703
      8-7583 (phone)
      8-2878 (fax)

You will need to submit a completed a Property Loss Notice
along with:

  • Invoices showing repair and/or replacement. ( NOTE: Invoices for repair must be as specific as possible in describing what repair work was done and what items were replaced in order to justify the expense.)
  • For any labor charges the following information is needed for each person involved in the labor charges:
    1. Name
    2. Position
    3. Base pay (not including benefits, overhead, or supervisory/managerial labor)
    4. Hours worked
  • A police/incident report if applicable.

There is a $10,000.00 deductible for each claim.

Yes. The Division of Risk Management reimburses the university for replacement/repair cost of property losses. No claims can be filed until the lost/damaged items are replaced by the university.

If it is at all possible to replace the stolen/damaged item with the same brand and model that was lost, you should do so. The state reimburses the university for replacement with the same model or nearest equivalent. In some cases it isn't possible to replace the item with the exact model due to discontinuation of some items. In those cases, you would need to find the nearest equivalent to the lost or damaged item(s). If you do choose to upgrade the item, instead of purchasing the same item or nearest equivalent, the Division of Risk Management will reimburse JMU for the cost of the item minus any cost for upgrading the item.

Resource Management provides Certificates of Coverage. Please complete the Certificate of Coverage on-line form.

  1. The JMU department (name, MSC and phone) requesting the certificate
  2. The name and mailing address of the company or institution requesting the certificate
  3. The purpose (ie: Student Practicum, tournament game, etc.)
  4. The time period the certificate is requested for (be as specific as possible)

Once we have this information, a certificate will be drafted and the original will be sent back to your department for you to forward to the requesting company/institution.

If you've had an incident in a JMU vehicle or rental car while on university business, please follow this procedure:

  1. Contact Campus Police if on campus or State Police if out of Harrisonburg.
  2. Fill out an Automobile Incident Report. This form is in every JMU vehicle or click here.
  3. As soon as possible you should also report the accident to either Motor Pool (for JMU vehicles) or Risk Management (for rental vehicles).


Risk Management has packets of information available that detail what to do if you are involved in an auto incident while on University business. The packet also contains a claim form, telephone numbers for various State Police divisions, Information Exchange cards, and a card for requesting help from a passing motorist. These packets should be in JMU vehicles. For those offices who would like to keep a supply of packets on hand for rental vehicles, the individual .pdf files for each of the forms/cards in the packet are available for download below.

NOTE: If you requisition a State Vehicle and find that the packet is missing, please contact Motor Pool to request one before you leave for your trip.

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