Follow these simple steps:

  1. For serious injury requiring Emergency Medical Services (EMS) contact Campus Police at 540-568-6911.

  2. Report all injuries to your supervisor immediately.

  3. Employee injury or illness must be reported to Human Resources for Workers' Compensation at 540-568-3593 and complete the injury report HERE with your supervisor. Directions and information on reporting employee injuries are available on the HR website.  Near misses can also be reported using the link above and selecting "Near miss" from the drop down menu.

  4.  Accidents, incidents and near misses involving students, visitors and other non-employees must  be reported by completing the report HERE or by contacting Risk Management at 540-568-4535. 

It is the duty of all university employees to report unsafe acts. 


This week’s flyer will highlight material handling concerns for Warehouse workers. Even though you may not be a Warehouse worker, chances are some of these tips may be useful to you at some future time.

Bringing awareness to and removing Material Handling hazards reduces claims and the cost associated with those claims. More importantly, it keeps our employees safe by preventing accidents and injuries resulting from those hazards. 

Please review and share the attached flyer on this critical topic for further tips to keep you, co-workers, contractors, and friends safe.

Material Handling - Warehouse

Material Handling - Healthcare

Material Handling - Trucks and Cars

Material Handling - Storage

Material Handling - Dock Workers

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