The below guidelines must be followed when a JMU department experiences property loss or damage to JMU owned property.

  1. The department that experienced the loss is responsible for and will arrange and pay for the replacement or repair of the property. The department must contact the JMU Risk Management office to notify them of the loss as soon as practical.

  2. The following information is required for all (repair or replacement):

    1. Property Loss form must be completed and submitted by the department that experienced the loss.

    2. Copies of any police or incident reports for the theft or damage. These can be obtained by contacting the Office of Public Safety.

    3. The department must provide copies of ALL purchase orders, invoices, and if
      applicable, receiving reports for the repair or replacement of the lost, stolen or
      damaged property after the item has either been received or repaired and all
      invoices paid. These documents are required to certify JMU ownership.

NOTE: If the property was damaged but the item is repairable, the department must seek to repair the item rather than replacing it. If the department opts for replacement versus repairing of the item, the department filing the claim must show that replacement was more cost effective than repair by obtaining a statement from the vendor demonstrating cost analysis of the replacement product in relation to the original product.

For more detailed information on submitting a property loss claim, refer to the Risk Management Handbook or contact Risk Management at 540.568.7812

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