From time to time various institutions, organizations, or companies request Proof of Liability Coverage from the university. The JMU Risk Management office prepares and signs all Certificates of Coverage. The Certificate of Coverage states coverage limits under the State Risk Management

Examples of why an entity outside of the university might require or request a Certificate of Coverage:

  • Hospitals and other Institutions providing placement for student practicum, internships and other professional placements as required degree coursework, requesting proof of professional and/or medical liability coverage for our students.
  • Car or other rental agencies requesting proof of our liability coverage, should the car become damaged.
  • Off-campus locations where the university is participating in or holding an event (i.e. Sporting Events such as NCAA tournaments, off-campus athletic or theatrical events, competitions and practices, informational booths and programs held at off-campus locations).

To request a Certificate of Insurance, please complete the Certificate of Coverage on-line form.

Information needed to complete Certificate of Insurance on-line form:

  • Name and mailing address of the institution, organization or company requesting the certificate
  • Purpose of the certificate (name of event or activity for which the certificate is requested).
  • Range of dates of the activity, internships or other event (be as specific as possible)
  • Department contact information requesting the certificate

When the above information is received, the JMU Risk Management office drafts a certificate using the standard Certificate of Insurance Coverage form approved and provided by the State. The JMU Risk Management office forwards the original to the requesting department. It is the responsibility of the requesting department to send the original Certificate of Coverage to the requesting institution, organization or company and to keep an additional copy for their records.

For Verification of Past Insurance Coverage click on the link below:


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