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The Gifted Education Program is designed to enable both preservice students and veteran educators to complete the approved Virginia Add-on K-12 Gifted Education Endorsement, which supplements  an existing initial license in education. Students complete four courses and a practicum, either via their initial student teaching experience or through a specialized gifted education field experience. Full-time employed educators may alternatively elect to teach under mentorship for one year in lieu of a gifted education practicum. In order to earn the endorsement in K-12 Gifted Education, students must complete all coursework through JMU. The course sequence is offered in separate sections to students in initial licensure programs at the College of Education at James Madison University, as well as practicing educators. With the exception of the practicum, the graduate level coursework is offered entirely online.

The purpose of the endorsement sequence in Gifted Education is to prepare educators who can provide appropriate academic challenge and affective support for high-ability students. Every child deserves to learn every day, but advanced students are often left underserved by a one-size-fits-all curriculum. In addition, educators are an essential first line of identification for gifted students, and without an introduction to their characteristics, we often miss some of our brightest talent. Gifted learners depend on knowledgeable educational leaders, teachers, counselors, and specialists for appropriate struggle and growth.

This program is currently on hiatus; please see for more information. 

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For more information about applications or registration, please contact:

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For more information regarding the James Madison University College of Education Programs for Gifted Education, please contact:

Dr. Kristofor Wiley, Assistant Professor

Educational Foundations and Exceptionalities

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