Who should complete this program?

  • Gifted teachers and administrators seeking the gifted education endorsement
  • Elementary classroom teachers with gifted students in their classroom
  • Educators seeking coursework for recertification
  • Parents of gifted children
  • Educational leaders of building and district programs
  • Teachers of AP, Honors, and Dual-enrollment courses

Fall 2020 Tuition

  • In-state students: $459/credit hour
  • Out-of-state students $469/credit hour

Endorsement Program Course Sequence

Every university submits a DIFFERENT four course sequence to the State Department of Education for approval. JMU is one of only a few university endorsement programs that includes a practicum to students NOT enrolled in a master's degree program. You MUST seek approval to transfer credit from one university endorsement program to another. If you have specific questions, please contact the JMU program coordinator.


Required Courses


EXED 560 The Nature & Needs of Gifted Learners (3 credits)

This course is designed to introduce the historical and theoretical foundations of the field of gifted education will be discussed, including varying conceptions of giftedness. One focus of the course is the knowledge of the specific cognitive and socio-emotional developmental nature of gifted learners and the knowledge pertaining to the characteristics and related needs of gifted individuals. A second focus is the course content includes the appropriate educational services available in public and private school, as well as alternative settings.

Fall 2020

EXED 562 Counseling and Guidance of Gifted Learners (3 credits)

This course focuses on the differential affective characteristics and needs of students identified as gifted. Traditional beliefs, contemporary research, and psychological theories are studied as they apply to helping gifted students discover and effectively utilize their gifts and talents to aid in the development of potential. Students will receive frameworks for discussion with multiple stakeholders and strategies for the development of affective curriculum.

Fall 2020

EXED 660 Curriculum and Instruction in Gifted Education (3 credits)

The course content includes the design and development of differentiated curriculum for gifted learners, as well as models for instruction. The emphasis of the course is the adaptation and modification of existing curricula, how to design new curricular materials for gifted learners, and how to effectively deliver instruction. Course participants should develop an understanding of both the theoretical and practical implementation of the appropriate instructional approaches for gifted learners, including critical thinking, creative thinking, problem-solving, and inquiry. 

Spring 2021

EXED 665 Issues and Trends in the Education of Gifted Learners (3 credits)

This course focuses on the traditional and current special issues related to the recognition and education of giftedness in individuals from birth through the life span. Participants will examine the critical issues facing the field of gifted child education and future directions. The primary purpose of this course is to develop in participants the knowledge, conceptual understandings, and skills to assess, identify accurately and nurture effectively giftedness in all gifted students, including those students who are typically underserved. Specific topics included in the course content are: (a) Advanced curriculum, instruction, and assessment design; (b) Advanced program development and evaluation; or (c) Advanced study in underrepresented populations

Spring 2021

EXED 570 Practicum in Gifted Education (3 credits)*

The practicum experience is designed to provide direct experiences with gifted education programming through participation in related services. A coordinated field experience will consist of a minimum of 45 instructional hours of successful teaching with gifted students in a heterogeneously grouped (mixed ability) classroom or a homogeneously grouped (single ability) classroom. This practicum requirement can also be delivered as a part of the student teaching experience, and it can be waived upon a year of teaching gifted students under the mentorship of a teacher with a K-12 endorsement in Gifted Education.

*This course is offered to students who complete required endorsement coursework at JMU.

Fall 2021


Callahan, C. M., & Hertberg-Davis, H.  (2018), Fundamentals of gifted education: Considering multiple perspectives (2nd ed.). New York, NY: Routledge.


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