The Individualized Study major allows students to personalize their program of study. Students may choose this option because they have several interests they hope to integrate collectively into a bachelor's degree. This major is interdisciplinary, meaning students will integrate curriculum from at least two distinct subjects or disciplines.

The Bachelor of Individualized Study is one of many degrees conferred by James Madison University. All degrees are fully accredited as part of JMU's accreditation by the State Council of Higher Education for Virginia (SCHEV).

Please visit the University Business Office for current undergraduate tuition ratesPlease go to the Cost of Attendance Calculator to see the estimated cost of attendance for your program of study.

Please visit our Student Resources page for a list of services JMU offers to Adult Degree Program students.

13% of ADP graduates have gone on to graduate school at James Madison University, and many others are continuing their education at universities across the country.

Yes, ADP students process with the College of Education during the May and December university commencement.

While it is possible to complete this degree online, it varies for each student. The following factors influence the ability to complete the degree online: 

  • Total incoming transfer credits
  • CLEP and prior learning credits
  • Selection from our online tracks
  • Number of credits to complete

Yes, ADP students may attend on-campus classes offered by other departments at JMU. Students must:

  • Have all pre-requisites satisfied 
  • Meet any additional requirements set forth by the department
  • Ensure the courses are not closed to specific majors only

Yes. There are several ways that ADP students can receive credit towards their degree.

At this time, ADP students cannot declare a minor.

Upon admittance, ADP students enroll in IS 200: Individualized Study Major Program Development. This required 3-credit course prepares students for college-level learning and assists with the development of an academic program of study. This program of study displays future academic goals through graduation and may be adjusted at any point during a student's career after meeting with their program advisor.

Yes, the ADP team is staffed with an academic advisor.

It is highly recommended that students have access to a computer and a reliable internet connection during their time in the program, as well as a contingency plan should any technical difficulties arise. JMU IT provides students with computer recommendations including minimum storage, operating systems, and processing speed.

Students may purchase a laptop through the Madison CyberZone, or through a retailer of their choosing.

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