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Adulting After College

Off-Campus Life is happy to host our "Adulting After College" transition seminar series. These conversations focus on topics relevant to JMU students as they prepare to transition away from the university.

We hope these talks answer questions, help you feel prepared to take the next steps toward achieving certain life goals after college, and promote a successful transition as you embark on your new journey!

While these conversations are aimed at graduating seniors and recent graduates, all students are welcome and encouraged to attend!

Spring 2023 Seminars
  • Money Matters for Graduating Students with Brad Barnett | March 7, 2023, in Taylor 405 @ 6:00 pm: Join OCL on March 7th featuring Brad Barnett, Director of Financial Aid and Scholarships, presenting Money Matters for Graduating Students as he leads an open forum on personal finances with a tailored focus on what you need when graduating to your professional life. 
  • How to Destroy Distraction and Anxiety and Wildly Succeed at Work and in Life with Pete Hardesty | March 27, 2023, in Union Ballroom @ 8:00 pm: OCL welcomes back Pete Hardesty, co-author of two Amazon #1 bestsellers, Adulting 101 Books 1 and 2, presents How to Destroy Distraction and Anxiety and Wildly Succeed at Work and in Life! Pete shares his journey with anxiety and distraction as you nervously laugh together while also describing some unexpected, proven strategies from top mental health professionals.
  • Food & Finance with Meredith Bauer | March 28, 2023, in Taylor 306 @ 5:00 pm: OCL is pleased to present Food & Finance! Meet Pastry Chef turned Student Life Fiscal Manager Meredith Bauer who shares her love for food and finance! Combining her degrees in Baking and Pastry as well as accounting and finance, Meredith provides her expertise in food and finance to help you get the most out of your grocery shopping experience as well as the best tips and tricks for everything from meal prep and food storage to eating out.
  • Investing 101 with Kennedy Musyoka | April 6, 2023, in Festival Allegheny Room @ 7:00 pm: Investing 101 is here! Introducing Kennedy Musyoka! Kennedy shares his knowledge of the basics of investing. With a background in economics, master’s degree in Strategic Management, and passion for teaching BUS 160 while in the PhD Strategic Leadership program on campus, Kennedy provides a unique international perspective on investments strategy. 
  • "A Humorous Guide to Financial Freedom" with Colin Ryan | April 11, 2023, Grafton-Stovall @ 7:00 pm: OCL Welcomes back Colin Ryan to present “A Humorous Guide to Financial Freedom." Colin believes that your ability to handle your finances directly affects your ability to have the life you want. So, what do you want your money story to look like? Colin Ryan uses humor, storytelling, and interactivity to teach what you need to know about building wealth & managing money as a college student. You’ll learn the knowledge and skills you need, plus how to find your experts and define the vision for your big life.
Spring 2022 Seminars
  • Money Matters for Graduating Students with Brad BarnettMoney matters for students who are getting ready to graduate or are thinking about their future beyond college. Brad Barnett, Director of Financial Aid and Scholarships, is here for students to have the opportunity to ask any financial questions they have before graduation so he can help point them in the right direction. This is an open forum about personal finances with a specific focus on what you need to know to move into the start of your professional life. Link coming soon!
  • A Humorous Approach to Financial Freedom with Colin RyanYour ability to manage your money directly affects your ability to have the life you want. No one knows this better than Colin Ryan, who went from broke with bad credit, living on PB&J sandwiches, to owning his house outright, investing with confidence, and becoming a very proud dog dad. He has spent the last decade speaking at colleges across the country, bringing this important subject to life using funny stories, practical tips, and lots of interaction. You will learn the skills and secrets of being debt-smart, building credit, breaking bad spending habits, and using money to build the life you want. No link, in-person event only.
  • How to Destroy Distraction and Anxiety and Wildly Succeed at Work and in Life with Pete HardestyPete, co-author of the two Amazon #1 bestsellers ADULTING 101 Books 1 and 2, will share his journey with anxiety and distraction as you nervously laugh together. He will also describe some unexpected, proven strategies from top mental health professionals that can help you reduce anxiety, focus deeply, and succeed when you graduate. Link coming soon!
  • Communicating Your Professional Brand with Lindsey Scott: Whether or not we realize it, we all have a professional brand. It lives in a variety of spaces: on social media, in emails, and even in conversation. Join the University Career Center and learn how to identify your brand, ways to intentionally craft and communicate it, and its impact on your job search process. From this session, students will be able to communicate their professional brand within their professional networks, identify ways to utilize channels of communication to effectively relay their brand, and understand the impact of their professional brand and communication on evaluating job offers and navigating salary negotiation conversations. Link coming soon!
  • Making Career Transitions with Lindsey Scott: The Bureau of Labor Statistics indicates that individuals now hold an average of 12.4 jobs between ages 18 and 54. Surprised? Likely, you’ll one day find yourself in a job or career transition. It’s important to recognize when a change may be needed for your growth and how to go about these transitions professionally. Join the University Career Center in a conversation about career transitions and keeping “bridges” intact. From this session, students will be able to recognize how individual priorities, values, and needs influence when a position, job, or career change may be necessary, identify steps in pursuing a job or career change, and demonstrate belief in the importance of keeping professional relationships intact. Link coming soon!
  • Make It Count - Understanding Real Estate Markets and Home Ownership with Luke SmithLocal real estate broker Luke Smith shares motivating, actionable, and practical thoughts on real estate and homeownership he wishes had been shared with him as he graduated from JMU 11 years ago. Link coming soon!
Spring 2021 Seminars
  • Budgeting and Debt Repayment with Brad Barnett: Have questions about setting up a realistic budget? Want to develop a strategy to pay off your student loans? Know how much you should be saving? This talk is for you. Watch now!
  • Real Estate and Home Ownership with Scott Rogers: Is it the right time to buy for you? What is the difference between a buyer's vs. a seller's market? Where do you start researching the housing market? Come get some answers! Watch now!
  • First Year as a Professional with MaryGrace Johnson: What I wish I would have known going into my first job out of college! Join this seminar to hear a few of the vital tips no one tells you before you navigate the “real world.” Visit this Career Guide and JMU Career Outcomes site to supplement this presentation. Watch now!
  • Finance 101 with Trevor Mann: Hear strategies and tips from a recent JMU alum! Topics include good debt vs. bad debt and strategies for paydown strategies, maximizing employer benefits (knowing what to expect before you sign), the advantage of saving and investing early ‑ the time value of money, and general personal finance 101. Watch now!
  • Adulting 101: Self-Awareness with Pete HardestyAuthor of two Adulting 101 books, Pete Hardesty imparts wisdom for life around self-awareness ‑ how to increase it and leverage it in the workplace and relationships. Watch now!
  • Stocks, Investing, and Retirement Planning with Brad Barnett: When should I start to worry about retirement planning? What’s the difference between a mutual fund and an IRA? We’ve got some answers! Watch now!

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