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Graduate Assistant, Financial Literacy
Year Started at JMU: 2023
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I am transplanted from the Richmond, Virginia area where I worked in banking for almost a decade before earning degrees in biology and chemistry. After working as a chemist, I returned to school to earn a degree in religious studies and a Master of Divinity. I realized that is not my path. 

I love all things money including businesses that produce money such as beauty and skincare, fashion, entertainment, and real estate. I learned that money IS NOT the root of all evil. The change that I want to make in the world requires resources and money reveals an open door to limitless possibilities, including connections. I realized that business was the perfect avenue to make those important connections, so I applied to the iMBA program here at JMU.  

I have already begun to make valuable connections along with furthering my education in business and finance. My assistantship has allowed me the opportunity to share that information with others who, like me have been thrust into a game without knowing the rules of engagement. Financial literacy is an important life skill that too few ever develop. 

Jim Rohm said: “It’s not the blowing of the wind that determines your future, but the set of your sail.” I have set my sail on living life strategically while learning to enjoy the journey and helping others along the way. 

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