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Graduate Assistant, Community Building
Year Started at JMU: 2023
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Rohan is a graduate student studying Sports & Recreation in the M.S. Sports and Recreation Leadership program. As the Graduate Assistant for Community Building within Off-Campus Life, Rohan’s primary focus areas are commuter appreciation events and resources, roommate connections, and “good neighbors” initiatives. 

With a background in Civil Engineering from JJ College of Engineering and Technology and pursuing a Master's in Sports and Recreation Leadership at JMU, Rohan has developed a strong foundation in project and operations management, client relations, and content creation.

His professional journey includes overseeing the creation and management of diverse content forms and organizing events to enhance off-campus student life. Volunteering as an IT administrator and tutor, along with being a National Gold Medalist in U-16 National Basketball, showcases his commitment to community service and sports. Rohan’s interests span across sports management, event and facility management, underscoring his multifaceted expertise.

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