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Disability Accommodation Application Process

  1. Student Applies: Submit the Disability Accommodation Application on our website by our recommended deadline of May 23*. You can do this once you have decided to come to JMU.
    • Please review the JMU Disability Documentation Guidelines on our website to determine what documentation** you need to upload to your application. Submitting documentation that does not meet our documentation guidelines may result in the application process being delayed.
  1. ODS Reviews: Reviews will begin after the May 23 recommended deadline. The Disability Services Practitioners strive to review all new applications with documentation within 15 business days. We will be receiving high volumes of applications during this time, so we invite students to contact us if they have questions about the status of their application.
  1. ODS Contacts the Student: Once the review is complete, our administrative staff will contact you at your @dukes.jmu.edu email account with instructions for next steps.


*We will still accept applications submitted after May 23. This recommended deadline is in place to ensure that the application process is completed, any necessary communications occur, and any approved accommodations are set up in time for the start of classes.

**If your decision to commit to JMU is dependent on knowing what accommodations you would be approved for, you can request that Disability Services complete a review of your current documentation and accommodation request. If you are interested in requesting this, you can email disability-svcs@jmu.edu or call us at 540-568-6705.

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If you have questions, contact us at disability-svcs@jmu.edu or 540-568-6705 to schedule an appointment with a Disability Services Practitioner.


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