Fall 2020 Accommodations Deadline for students: June 8, 2020

  • We will still process applications after June 8, 2020. Please keep in mind that application and documentation review can take up to 15 business days after paperwork is submitted.

Registration Process

  1. Submit applicationrelease form, voter form, and documentation of your disability. We prefer that you submit the application and release form via fax (540-568-7099) or scan and e-mail to disability-svcs@jmu.edu. Submission via in-person or US Postal may delay review given that our processes are all moving online. See JMU COVID-19 Information page for more information.
  2. ODS will review application and documentation. Allow 15 business days for this review.
  3. ODS will contact you via telephone or e-mail to your @dukes.jmu.edu account to schedule your initial meeting.

During your registration meeting, you will be given the opportunity to register to vote if you are 18 years of age or older. If you would like to register to vote, please have your Social Security number ready.

Virginia Voter Registration Information

National Voter Registration Information

Eligibility for Disability Services

Disability Services are available to currently enrolled students who have a documented disability that substantially limits them in one or more of life's major activities.

Individuals eligible for services include, but are not limited to, students with Learning and Psychological Disabilities, Attention Deficit Disorder, Mobility, Orthopedic, Hearing, Visual, and Speech Impairments as well some Medical Conditions. Please see our Documentation Guidelines to clarify what needs to be submitted.

Prospective Students
ODS is not involved in the JMU admission process unless we are contacted by the Office of Admissions. There is no prescribed formula for gaining admission. JMU works to select the strongest candidates from a high-quality pool. Check out the Admissions site to get an idea of what the admission committee is looking for. Disclosing a disability is voluntary and applicants are not required to discuss or disclose disability information during the admission process. However, many applicants with disabilities choose to discuss this aspect of their lives in an optional personal statement as a way to explain one's identity and life experiences, or to shed light on skills and aptitudes. Disclosing a disability will not negatively impact a student's standing in the applicant pool.

Newly Admitted Students
Congratulations on your acceptance to JMU! We are excited about the possibility of you joining the JMU community. In order to answer any questions you might have, The Office of Admissions sponsors CHOICES, a program for admitted first-year students and their families to learn more about JMU. During CHOICES, ODS professional and student staff are available to provide you and your family information on documentation guidelines, transitioning, accommodations, services, and resources.

Getting Oriented to JMU and ODS
Welcome to the beginning of your transition to JMU. For more information on Orientation, visit the Orientation website. Getting started with ODS during Summer Springboard is a great time to meet the staff, get questions answered and set up accommodations for the upcoming semester. Since your days will be full of activities like registering for classes, it is preferred that you set up an appointment with ODS staff one day prior or one day after your Summer Springboard Orientation date. Prior to your appointment, you will need follow the registration process listed above.

Current Students
Please engage in the registration process above prior to or as early in the semester as possible.

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