Release and Exchange of Information between ODS and Designated Parties

This form can be filled out by students to give permission to be shared between ODS and another party such as parents, clinicians, and others. Unless otherwise specified, this form expires after a year. 

Copyright Awareness and Course Materials Agreement

This form includes the agreement for recording of lecture. When a student has been approved to record class lecture as an accommodation, a faculty member may invite the student to complete this form.

HDPT Paratransit Application

Please fill out this Paratransit Registration Form if you have been approved by ODS for Paratransit and drop it off at ODS or email it to

Verification of Medical or Psychological Condition or Disability

This form allows clinicians to share information about the impact of the disability/medical condition, barriers to access in the college environment, and related accommodation recommendations in lieu of writing a note or letter. This form is not suitable for Learning Disabilities. 

Media Release for James Madison University

This form allows someone to give ODS consent to use either photographs, videos, or recordings in any created materials. 

Housing Accommodation Requests Due to Disability 

When seeking Housing Accommodations, please see this webpage hosted by the Office of Residence Life. This website explains the needed documentation to be considered for housing accommodations while living on campus.


*Most ODS forms can be filled in online. However, some web browsers do not support this function. If you have trouble, try opening forms with Adobe Reader and making sure to “Enable All Features.”  If you need forms in alternative formats, please contact ODS.*

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