Your department will need to set up an account with one of the three captioning vendors with VASCUPP contracts* with the State of Virginia.  JMU has contracts utilizing the VASCUPP terms with the vendors and Cielo24.  To sign up for an account, contact the vendor representative.  Make sure to request that your account be governed by the terms and pricing of JMU’s existing contract but with a separate login and invoicing.  Invoices should be sent directly to your department.  JMU does not have a central account to pay for captioning.

Account Representatives:  Scott Ready –

Cielo24: Joseph DeRocco -


3Play Media also has a VASCUPP contract; however, JMU does not currently have its own contract with the vendor.  Your department may set up an account with 3Play Media using the VASCUPP terms but will need to go through Procurement to first put a contract in place.

*Using the VASCUPP contracts reduces captioning costs.  The contracts include cooperative purchasing agreements for all Virginia state institutions.  Each vendor pools the captioning minutes purchased by Virginia state entities and reduces captioning rates accordingly, using a tiered system.  The more captioning we do, the cheaper it becomes all across Virginia.

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