When the Accessible Media and Technology program produces audio books in-house, we provide options for different reading voices and speeds. 

Use the drop-down menu to listen to samples of reading voices and speeds. Reading speed is measured in words per minute (wpm).  The 110wpm-190wpm range represents “average” speaking speeds, but you are not limited to this range.  We can create audio books at much faster or slower speeds.

Our default setting for audio books is Paul at 150wpm.


Sample Reading Text:

"I first went to Egypt as a year abroad student in 1973," he says, "...and ended up staying for 13 years." His way was paid by a foundation that believed a hall of records would be found beneath the paws of the Sphinx. Young Lehner, a minister's son from North Dakota, hoped to discover if that was true. But the more time he spent actually studying the Sphinx, the more he became convinced that the quest was misguided, and he exchanged its fantasies for a life grounded in archaeological study of the Giza plateau and its monuments."

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