*Please note that this page is for semesterly ensemble auditions. If you are looking for School of Music admission auditions, please visit this webpage.*
Choir singing on stage
General Audition Information

Fall 2024 Choral Audition Information

Auditions for The Madison Singers (MUAP 341/541/641), The JMU Chorale (MUAP 340/540/640), Treble Chamber Choir (MUAP 235/535), and assignments to the University Choruses (UCSA - MUAP 236; UCTB - MUAP 234) will be held on:

  • August 20-22, 2024

All JMU undergraduate vocal area personnel who are registered for voice lessons in the Fall 2024 semester are required to audition, regardless of prior or projected ensemble participation (including opera roles & castings). 

Please fill out the Student Information Form (COMING SOON) and bring to your audition. 

Click here for a PDF version of the Choral Audtion Information

Audition Sign-up Information

Please sign up for your audition via our online scheduling software: JMU Jury System

  • As most of you already know, user accounts are created automatically by clicking the Login link in the main menu and logging in through the JMU portal and Duo two-factor authentification system. Enter your JMU credentials.
  • Once logged in,  proceed to the Booking Tab.
  • Follow the listed instructions and signup for an audition time.
  • If you need to change your audition time, please follow the instructions accordingly. You will receive a cancellation code when you register, just in case.

Audition Procedures

Please note that this semester there will be no required aria for choral auditions.

Required Work: Messiah #9, O Thou That Tellest: Rehearsal H to the end

  1. Instructions
    • Please learn YOUR voice part in this Messiah chorus from rehearsal H (measure 146 to the end of the movement).
    • Please sing on solfege or on text, as you prefer.
    • Listening to the piece is a must for a successful audition. This piece is deceptive, and you cannot present it stylistically correctly without first listening to it several times. An audio clip is included here for your assistance (choir begins at 4'20").
    • Please note as well that there will be no accompaniment at this audition, so you must know the piece well in order to present it.
  2. Sight-reading
    • Please don't worry about this, and do plan on bringing your tuning fork if you have one!

The Day of your Audition

Please arrive 15-20 minutes early to your audition to allow for intake paperwork, the sight-reading portion of the audition, and schedule shifts.

Please plan to:

  • Bring your tuning fork! You will use it during your audition!
  • Dress up! Look your best—an audition is always a practice for the next concert, solo, or audition. Your career is now—act the part and bring it!
  • Fill out an information form and give it to your door monitor when completed.
  • Present the required audition excerpt, Messiah #9, O Thou That Tellest: Rehearsal H to the end following the instructions as indicated on the music excerpt itself.
  • Sight-read from the material provided at the audition itself.

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