Benefits of Membership

The multicultural fraternity or sorority experience can help personalize your college experience by offering:

  • A Lifetime of Brotherhood and Sisterhood 
  • Academic and Personal Support Systems
  • Social and Professional Networking Opportunities
  • Leadership Development
  • Access to National Conferences and Associations
  • Opportunities to Enhance Cultural Awareness
  • Service Opportunities

Membership within a multicultural fraternity or sorority is a lifelong commitment. Once you are initiated into the organization, you remain a member for life. Each undergraduate chapter is supported by either a local alumni/graduate chapter, regional, and/or national office.

Community Service

One of the most gratifying aspects of fraternity and sorority at James Madison University is the opportunity to service our local community. ICGC creates opportunities for the collective council and individual chapters to  participate in community service projects ranging from volunteering at local shelters or soup kitchens to food and clothing drives. Serving others is a major tenant in each of our organizations and is a rewarding experience.

Financial and Time Commitments

Joining a fraternity or sorority does carry a financial commitment. Each chapter is self-supporting with revenue coming from dues paying members. When students join a fraternity or sorority, they agree to pay dues and fees in order to maintain active membership.

In addition to the organization’s philanthropic, social, and recreational functions, our organizations have required meetings and activities (such as study halls) throughout the month to engage campus and strength the bond of brotherhood/sisterhood. Be sure to ask questions regarding time commitments during your research, most of our students are involved in activities on and off campus. Keep in mind, joining an ICGC organization means you are ready to do work! 

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