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The guidelines can be found here.

Our department utilizes the waitlist feature on MyMadison. If you have a prerequisite problem then you should contact Brenda Wilkinson to discuss your situation.

Yes, if the instructor has chosen to use it. Courses in the mathematics and statistics department may utilize the Department's First Week Attendance Policy as stated below. If this policy is to be used in a course, it will be stated on the course syllabus.

First Week Attendance Policy: At the instructor's discretion, any student registered for a class in the Department of Mathematics and Statistics who does not attend at least one of the first two scheduled meetings of the class (or does not attend the first scheduled meeting of a class that meets once a week) MAY be administratively dropped from the class. Students will be notified by e-mail if they will be dropped. Students who fail to attend should not assume they will be administratively dropped by their instructor; it is the student’s responsibility to drop the course on their own or they will receive a grade at the end of the semester. All students are responsible for verifying the accuracy of their schedules and changes made in their schedules.

  • If you are a transfer student please contact Dr. LouAnn Lovin.
  • If you are a freshman seeking freshman advising assistance, please contact your freshman advisor. You may also find the information here to be of use regarding how your math  placement exam score determines the appropriate course.
  • If you are a mathematics and/or statistics major or minor, please contact your mathematics/statistics advisor. You can find the name of your mathematics/statistics minor/major advisor through MyMadison. 

In addition to office hours offered by course instructors, students can visit the Science and Math Learning Center during open hours for help in most lower-level mathematics courses.  If desired, students can also hire a mathematics/statistics tutor for individual help.  A list of mathematics/statistics tutors can be picked up from the department office directly outside Roop 308. Some of these tutors will also work with high school students.

If you would like to become a tutor for mathematics and/or statistics courses, please complete an application form that can be found outside Roop 308.

Undergraduate majors in mathematics and/or statistics indicate a level of quantitative training and problem solving skills that many employers value and seek.  The job possibilities are incredibly varied and can offer the possibility of combining your skills in mathematics/statistics with your interest in another field.  For general information on the vast array of job employment possibilities take a look at the American Statistical Association's career center, and  the Mathematical Association of America's careers area

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