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Assistant Professor, Statistics
Year Started at JMU: 2018
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Research Description

My research interests include survival data analysis, latent variable models, semiparametric models, statistical computing, high dimensional regression techniques, and epidemiology. More specifically, my current research projects are in survival data analysis, which involved in developing flexible and computationally efficient models to analyze specially-structured survival data.

  • PhD in Mathematical Sciences, 2018, Clemson University, SC
  • MS in Mathematical Sciences, 2014, Clemson University, SC
  • BS in Statistics/Operations Research, 2011, University of Peradeniya, Sri Lanka
Select Publications
  • Withana Gamage, P., McMahan, C., and Wang, L. (2023). A flexible parametric approach for analyzing arbitrarily censored data that are potentially subject to left truncation under the proportional hazards model. Lifetime Data Analysis, 29(1), 188-212.
  • Chen, L., Withana Gamage, P., and Ryan, J.(2022). Debias random forest regression predictors. Journal of Statistical Research, 56(2), 115-131.
  • Withana Gamage, P., Chaudari, M., McMahan, C., Kim, E., and Kosorok, M. (2020). An extended proportional hazards model for interval-censored data subject to instantaneous failures. Lifetime Data Analysis, 26, 158-182.
  • Withana Gamage, P., McMahan, C., Wang, L., and Tu, W. (2018). A Gamma-frailty proportional hazards model for bivariate interval-censored data. Computational Statistics and Data Analysis, 128, 354-366.
  • Chaudari, M., Kim E., Withana Gamage, P., McMahan, C., and Kosorok, M. (2018). Study Design with Staggered Sampling Times for Evaluating Sustained Unresponsiveness to Peanut Sublingual Immunotherapy. Statistics in Medicine, 37, 3944-3958.

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