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CSM Dean; Professor, Statistics
Year Started at JMU: 2006
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Research Description

Application of statistical methods, primarily Bayesian and clustering based methods. Statistics-based research is applied in nature, representing using collaboration across disciplines to solve real-world problems.

Additional Scholarship
  • Effective pedagogy in STEM courses
  • Faculty mentoring and professional development
  • Leadership and change management
  • PhD in Statistics, 2001, University of Washington
  • MS in Statistics, 1998, University of Washington
  • BS (Hons) in Statistics, 1996, University of Auckland, New Zealand
Select Publications
  • Ludwig, P.M. and Bates Prins, S.C. (2019). "A validated novel tool for capturing faculty-student joint behaviors with the COPUS instrument." Journal of Microbiology and Biology Education (JMBE), 20(3):
  • Bates Prins, S.C. and Smith, E.P. (2006). "Using biological metrics to score and evaluate sites: a nearest‐neighbour reference condition approach." Freshwater Biology, 52(1):
  • Granered, N. and Bates Prins, S.C. (2016). "Identifying Outlying Observations in Regression Trees." Missouri Journal of Mathematical Sciences, 28(1):

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