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Professor, Pure Math
Year Started at JMU: 2010
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My research interests include games, algorithms, algebraic structures, and enumerative combinatorics, particularly as related to the representation theory of reflection groups. I frequently write computer programs to assist my mathematial work and have had a successful career outside the university in software engineering/consulting.

  • PhD in Mathemtatics, 2007, University of Washington, Seattle, WA
  • Opportunity costs in the game of best choice   (with *Madeline Crews, *Kaitlyn Myers, Laura Taalman, *Michael Urbanski, and *Breeann Wilson) Electronic Journal of Combinatorics 26 (1) (2019) P1.45 math.CO/1903.01821
  • Weighted games of best choice To appear in SIAM Journal on Discrete Mathematics   math.CO/1902.10163
  • Avoiding patterns and making the best choice Discrete Mathematics 342 (6) (2019) 1529-1545 math.CO/1812.00963

*undergraduate student author

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