While the Justice Studies Major does not require students to complete an internship or service learning experience, we do feel that such opportunities provide students with valuable educational experiences that bring together academic and practical knowledge of a problem, issue, or organization.  There are a number of internship opportunities for academic credit available to Justice Studies students.

Students wanting to complete an internship for credit must file an internship application with the department internship coordinator and register for the appropriate class before starting the internship.  Please contact the department or departmental advisor with any questions about internships.

Basic Requirements:

  • 180 Hours of direct work (for a 3 credit section of JUST 401)

  • Completion of a daily log of activities

  • A 3 page reflective career essay on how the internship has influenced your work thoughts about a career and/or graduate work.

  • A 10-12 page research paper on a topic related to your internship.

Internship Requirements

Internship Forms

Internship Opportunities & Resources

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