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voluntary benefits

Human Resources is pleased to offer the following voluntary benefits to JMU employees!


529 College Savings Plan through FIRM & American Funds

All U.S citizen employees, those full-time and part-time, are eligible for the plan.  With the CollegeAmerica 529 Plan through American Funds, you get some great benefits:

Tax-advantaged investing – earnings in a 529 grow free from federal tax.  This can help you accumulate more over the long term.

Flexibility – you can use the assets in your account to fund expenses in any U.S. public or private college –undergraduate, graduate, professional or vocational.  Qualified expenses include tuition, fees, room and board, and many more.  Initial contribution is as low as $25 minimum per fund. The amount of these contributions moving forward, are fully adjustable:  you can start, stop, increase, decrease and suspend contributions at any time.

Convenience of automatic investing — you can easily invest on a regular basis through payroll deductions.

Investing for any beneficiary – you can save for anyone—your children, grandchildren, nieces, nephews, friends, etc.  You can even save for yourself.  In addition, there are no age or income limits.

No up-front and back-end sale charges – because you would invest in Class 529-E shares offered only through an employer-sponsored plan, you do not incur these sales charges.

Portability – you can retain CollegeAmerica and continue investing in 529-E shares even upon termination of employment.

Watch the following video for more information:

Contact Philip Harris via phone (215) 557-7622 or email for additional information.

2020 On campus dates: January 21, February 20, March 19, April 21, May 14, July 23


Aflac Supplemental Insurance

Aflac offers five plans to JMU employees: Accident Plan, Cancer Plan, Intensive Care Plan, Critical Care, and Hospital Protection.

Watch the following video for more information: 

Contact Boyd Glover, Jr. via email at for additional information for visit him in the Wine Price building the first Wednesday of each month from 12 - 1 p.m.


Guaranteed Whole Life Policy through New York Life Insurance Company

Full-time employees who have been employed by the Commonwealth for at least six months and work at least 30 hours/week are eligible for the plan. Employees may elect coverage on their spouse, domestic partner, children, and grandchildren with no medical questions if the employee participates.

Please visit this site to learn more.

Contact Debbie Bolen via phone (540) 558-8444 or email, for additional information.

2020 On campus dates: February 18


Home and Auto Insurance through MetLife

Employees will be eligible for discounted rates for home and auto insurance through MetLife.  Take advantage of payroll deduction for additional savings. For more information about MetLife benefits, click on the below interactive guide:

Contact Carrie McNamara via phone 1-800-GET-MET8 or email for additional information.


Identity Theft and Legal Protection Plans through LegalShield

All employees, both full-time and part-time, are eligible for the plans.  The family legal plan covers spouses or domestic partners, never-married dependent children under age 26 living at home or who are full-time college students, dependent children under age 18 for whom the member is legal guardian, and physically/mentally disabled children living at home. The family IDShield plan covers spouses or domestic partners and minor children.  You may purchase identity theft or legal plans as a stand-alone benefit, or you may purchase both at a discounted bundled rate. Both legal and IDShield reduced rates are also available for individuals who are not married and have no dependent children.

Contact Ken Roebuck via phone (757) 334-1294 or email for additional information. 


Optional Group Life Insurance

The Optional Group Life Insurance Plan is administered by Virginia Retirement System (VRS) and underwritten by Minnesota Life Insurance and provides all eligible employees a way to supplement the basic group life insurance for themselves, a spouse and/or their children.

Please visit this site for additional information.


Pet Insurance through VPI

Employees will be eligible for a 5% discounted rate for pet insurance, while being able to choose from three different plans.

Contact Carrie McNamara via phone 1-800-GET-MET8 or email for additional information.


Supplemental Retirement Plans

The university provides all employees, with exception of student employees, the opportunity to save for retirement through pre-taxed supplemental retirement plans. A 403(b) plan (also called a tax-sheltered annuity or TSA plan) is a retirement plan offered by public schools and certain tax-exempt organizations. 457 Deferred Compensation Plans are offered by certain state and local governments and non-governmental agencies. The plans allow employees to save for retirement by contributing to individual accounts.

Please visit this site for an explanation of supplemental retirement plans and a list of providers.


For additional information regarding the various voluntary benefits JMU offers, contact the Benefits Team at (540)568-3593 or

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