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Chubb LifeTime Benefit Term

Chubb LifeTime Benefit Term is a powerful supplemental two-in-one insurance benefit that offers life insurance for family needs plus long-term care benefits. Life insurance benefits last a lifetime, and cash benefits can also be paid directly to you while you are living for long-term care expenses. This benefit is only available through JMU as part of the voluntary benefits package. This product is not sold on an individual basis.

There will be an annual open enrollment, during which time you may enroll in Chubb LifeTime Benefit Term. During this open enrollment period, there are NO qualifying health questions for life insurance with long-term care. Certain limitations apply. New hires are eligible to enroll without qualifying health questions within 30 days of their hire date. Speak with a benefits counselor for details.

Plan benefits include the following:

  • Permanent life insurance with a long-term care rider
  • Long-term care benefits up to 75 months
  • NO HEALTH QUESTIONS for employees during the open enrollment period
  • Guaranteed issue is available up to $150,000 for employees hired after May 30, 2023
  • Guaranteed benefit during working years
  • Guaranteed life premiums
  • Paid-up benefits
  • Terminal illness benefit
  • Spouse and children coverage available
  • Fully portable—you own the policy and take it with you when you leave employment with no increase in premium

There will be benefits counselors available for scheduled appointments to discuss the product in greater detail. By reviewing the Chubb LifeTime Benefit Term with an enrollment counselor, Chubb graciously will make a $10 donation to the UVA Children’s Hospital. There is no obligation to purchase coverage to create the donation. 

Please contact Pierce Insurance at 1-800-421-3142, ext. 177 to schedule an appointment with a benefits counselor or schedule online at

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