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Virginia529 College Savings Plan through FIRM & American Funds (JMU Payroll Deduction 529 Plan)

With the cost of college tuition continually increasing, most parents/guardians/grandparents can use some help saving for college expenses. To make it easier for you to save for a family member’s college education, James Madison University is offering a 529 College Savings Plan that allows automatic funding via payroll. Employer-sponsored 529 plans offer benefits like:

  • Convenience through payroll deduction
  • Tax advantaged investing
  • Low-cost E-shares
  • Flexibility
  • Complete ownership
  • Advisor to give personal advice in reaching educational planning needs

Did you know you can use a total of $10,000 of your 529 College Savings Plan per year on K-12 education for your beneficiary? Also, did you know you can rollover from the designated beneficiary’s 529 account to an ABLE account for same beneficiary or a family member?


An ABLE account operates similarly to a 529 account. ABLE accounts allow individuals with disabilities and their families to save money for disability-related expenses of the account’s beneficiary.

You are now able to rollover (from designated beneficiary 529) funds to an ABLE account as long as it is for the same beneficiary or a family member!   You can rollover up to the annual contribution limit ($15,000) until January 1st, 2026.

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