Employee Tuition Waiver

The university offers a waiver of tuition (undergraduate and graduate level) to all eligible employees for academic credited courses offered at the university each semester. This program is for both degree and non-degree seeking students. Books, application fees, special course or departmental fees, and readmission fees are not covered. Refer to the appropriate policy for eligibility, enrollment information, and course restrictions.

The waiver policy does not apply to individual courses offered through School of Professional & Continuing Education or other self-supporting programs, except as provided by university policy. Waivers can be used for employees who are fully accepted into the Adult Degree Program. Waivers can also be used for employees who are fully accepted into a Certificate Program or a Degree Program if space is available and with approval from School of Professional & Continuing Education.

Please follow the process below to utilize the Waiver of Tuition:

  1. Apply for admission into James Madison University through two avenues: 
  2. Once admitted, sign up for your class(es) through MyMadison or as directed by admitting avenue
  3. Fill out the Request for Tuition Waiver for the classes you registered for
  4. Have signatures of two levels above you sign the waiver
  5. Get the completed waiver to Human Resources before 5 p.m. of the add/drop deadline

**to find out eligibility status, please see Policy 1402**



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