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Ph.D., Cornell University

Research interests
Old Regime France; absolutist state-building; everyday life and culture; gender; bodies; work practices; production, consumption and market exchange; social and geographic mobility

Teaching areas

World History; European History; French History; Historical Methods; Global Urban History, Integrative General Education

Selected publications and presentations

Tangled Interests: The Cultural Politics of Wigmaking in Old Regime France (forthcoming)

“La Taxe sur les Perruques de 1706: L'Intégration du Corps dans la Société Marchande de l'Ancien Régime” in Actes du colloque international du Centre de Recherche du Château de Versailles: “Cultures de cour, cultures de corps en Europe, XIVème-XVIIIème siècles” (Paris: Presses Universitaires de Paris-Sorbonne, August 2011), 229-244.

“Illicit Wigmaking in Eighteenth-Century Paris,” in Eighteenth-Century Studies, 38:1 (2004), 119-137.

“Japanese-Americans at the Portland YWCA,” in Journal of Women's History 15:3 (Autumn 2003), 197-203.


Director of ongoing Integrative General Education undergraduate research project “The World is Harrisonburg, 1965-2020: A Global Urban History of Immigration and Refugee Resettlement”

Cluster One representative on General Education Council

General Education 300-Level Integrative Course Committee


Institute for Historical Research at the University of Texas Austin

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