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Ph.D., University of Michigan

Teaching areas

Early America, the American Revolution, childhood and old age (age norms)

Selected publications and projects 



From Revolution to Reunion: The Reintegration of the South Carolina Loyalists (University of South Carolina Press, 2016)

  • Winner of the 2016 George C. Rogers Jr. Award
  • Named to the Journal of the American Revolution’s 100 Best Books on the American Revolution list


Edited Volume:

The Consequences of Loyalism: Essays in Honor of Robert M. Calhoon, co-edited with Joseph S. Moore (University of South Carolina Press, 2019)


Peer Reviewed Articles and Book Chapters:

“Thomas Jefferson and the Quest for Legacy,” in The Spirit of Inquiry in the Age of Jefferson (Philadelphia: The American Philosophical Society) accepted, *publication delayed a year by COVID19

“Loyalists and the American Revolution.” In the Oxford Research Encyclopedia of American History, ed. Jon Butler (New York: Oxford University Press) forthcoming. doi: 10.1093/acrefore/9780199329175.013.848

Liu J.C., Brantmeier N., Wilcox D., Griffin O., Calcagno-Roach J., Brannon R., “Faculty Perceived Functionality of Learning Management System: Development and Validation of a Scale.” In: Ma W., Chan W., Cheng C., eds., Shaping the Future of Education, Communication and Technology (Singapore: Springer, 2019) 165-177.

“America’s Revolutionary Experience with Transitional Justice,” in Rebecca Brannon and Joseph S. Moore, eds., The Consequences of Loyalism: Essays in Honor of Robert M. Calhoon (University of South Carolina Press, January 2019) 190-207.


“History of the American South,” in Maggi M. Morehouse, ed., Routledge Handbook of the American South (New York: Routledge 2017) 8-20.


Public Writing:

Has the World Gone Mad? An Interview with Sarah Swedberg,” Nursing Clio, March 25, 2021

“Even George Washington faced questions about his age and mental fitness: Questions confronting Trump and Biden are nothing new,” Washington Post, August 7, 2020

Rebecca Brannon, Lauren Duval, and Kacy Tillman, “Women Also Know Loyalists,” May 6, 2020, Borealia: A Group Blog on Early Canadian History

Rebecca Brannon, Lauren Duval, and Kacy Tillman, “Women Also Know Revolution,” May 4, 2020, Borealia: A Group Blog on Early Canadian History

Q&A with Rebecca Brannon and Joseph S. Moore, editors of The Consequences of Loyalism,” April 23, 2019, Christopher Minty, Rebecca Brannon, and Joseph Moore, The Junto: A Group Blog on Early American History

OI Books: Fertile Thoughts About Fertility,” Uncommon Sense, the blog of the Omohundro Institute for Early American History and Culture, August 13, 2018


“Getting Old in the Young Republic,” The American Historian (May 2016) 27-31.


Selected Fellowships

Robert H. Smith International Center for Jefferson Studies (Monticello)
Andrew W. Mellon Fellow, Virginia Historical Society
Andrew W. Mellon Fellow, Massachusetts Historical Society
Yale University Cushing/Whitney Medical Library
David Library of the American Revolution (twice)


Selected Media

Season Finale of Who Do You Think You Are? on TLC with Matthew Morrison, air date Dec. 17, 2018

The Divided States of America? The History of an Often Disjointed Union, Backstory 

With Good Reason, NPR, American Presidents Episode, January 6, 2018 air date 

Ben Franklin’s World, Episode 126, podcast, March 2017 air date 

Coastline live show on NPR Wilmington, NC affiliate, January 2017 

Madison Scholars profile “Taking on Tomorrow,” Episode 6, James Madison University, January 2016   

Bill O’Reilly’s Legends and Lies: The American Patriots, Francis Marion episode, 2016 



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