Year Graduated 2018


Degree and Minors?
– B.A. History (obviously) and a minor in Economics


What are you up to now?
– I am in Richmond, VA. I do sales for a legal practice management software company based in Auckland, NZ:


What was the most interesting/provocative thing you learned at JMU?
-  My group had the opportunity to do a project for Kevin Borg in History of the automobile Fall 2017 about Alpha Spitzer’s diary. It chronicled her summer road trip in 1939 across the United States to Colorado and back with her sister. It was thrilling to be able to connect to history in that way, mapping her route and trying to imagine her experience.


Which skills you developed from your study of History at JMU are most valuable to you now?  Why?
– The skills I use most often are writing, research, and public speaking. When sending hundreds of emails a day, it is important that my writing is concise and clear. I attribute my concise success to Dr. Heyser’s precis.



What advice would you like to share with JMU history students now?
– Use these lessons and courses to prepare yourself for anything! Most of you won’t be pursuing the topics in your classes for any longer than a semester, but it’s a good way to teach yourself how to learn. If you can learn how to learn quickly you can pick up skills as you go and will continually level up your career!

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