Year Graduated

Undergraduate: 2010

Graduate: 2013 

Degree and Minors?

B.A. History, Public History Concentration, Art History Minor

M.A. History, Public History Concentration


What are you up to now?

I worked as a Historic Records Clerk for a County Clerk’s Office for several years after graduation, but I now work as a Legal Assistant for an estate planning law firm. 

What was the most interesting/provocative thing you learned at JMU?

Public History classes inspired an interest of mine in architecture and the material culture of everyday people. Elaborate homes and fancy objects that belonged to famous figures in history can be fascinating, but the homes in which average people lived, and the items these people used every day are worth studying. These objects can help us recognize commonalities across centuries.

Which skills you developed from your study of History at JMU are most valuable to you now?  Why?

My study of History at JMU helped me develop my critical thinking and research skills which I use daily. The ability to think critically about situations and the ability to recognize different avenues for researching the answers to various questions, has allowed me to solve problems and find more efficient ways to better serve others.

What advice would you like to share with JMU history students now?

Take your classes seriously. Get to know your professors and recognize that they are great people and incredible resources.  Make sure you get to know several of your fellow history students. They may be helpful colleagues for your future professions, but they will most likely be some of your best lifelong friends.

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