Did your response to rapidly shifting instructional conditions last fall yield some positive surprises in your Gen Ed classes? If your pivots--whether in response to multiple shifting modalities, or the exigencies of all-online teaching-- were innovative, effective, and informed your teaching going forward, Gen Ed would like to recognize your success (and survival!).

The General Education Council seeks to recognize faculty who successfully adjusted their courses in creative, impactful, and meaningful ways with The General Education Graceful Pivot Awards, Fall2020 edition. Faculty teaching a General Education course in fall semester 2020 may be nominated by a colleague or student or they may self-nominate.  More than one award will be given.


 Spring & Fall 2020 Winners:  gened/GracefulPivotAwardWinners



Nomination Deadline: Friday, 16 April 2021

  • Nominations should be sent to gened@jmu.edu with the faculty name, course title and number, and a sentence describing the successful pivot. Nominees will be contacted to provide supporting materials.
  • Self-nominees may submit their materials by the deadline below.


Submission Deadline: Nominees will be invited to submit their applications on a rolling basis. Self-nominating faculty should submit their applications by April 16.


Materials to submit are at the discretion of the nominee but should include:

           Statement of no more than 500 words explaining: 

  • the instructional changes
  • an evaluation of their success
  • an explanation how these changes inform one’s teaching after Spring 2020.


Targeted and exemplary supporting materials may be included at the discretion of the nominee. These may include:

  • Syllabus of Fall 2020 General Education course (with and without adaptations)
  • Evidence of the instructional pivot, such as different assignments, changes to assignments, assessment materials, examples of student work, or teaching approach 
  • Selected student evaluations, or other student feedback on this course/instruction 
  • Revised Syllabus for the Spring 2021 incorporating lessons learned from Fall 2020


A committee of faculty teaching in the General Education program will review submitted materials and determine the awards.


Questions may be addressed to Elizabeth T. Brown brownet@jmu.edu  



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