In 2020, the General Education Council recognized faculty teaching a General Education course who successfully transitioned their courses in creative, impactful, and meaningful ways with The General Education Graceful Pivot Awards.  

Graceful Pivot Award Recipients - Spring 2020

Dr. Daniel Blumling, CHEM 131 (General Chemistry)

Dr. Mary Gayne, HIST 150 (Critical Issues in Recent Global History)

Ms. Cathy Hessick, BUS 160 (Business Decision Making in Modern Society)

Dr. TJ Hynd, BIO 270 (Human Physiology)

Dr. Oscar Judd, CHEM 131 (General Chemistry with lab)

Dr. Morgan Smalls, SMAD 150 (Mediated Communication: Issues and Skills)


 Graceful Pivot Award Recipients - Fall 2020

Dr. Yamilette Chacon, SOCI 110 (Social Issues in a Global Context)

Dr. David Daniel, PSYC 101 (General Psychology)

Ms. Danielle DeRise, WRTC 103 (Rhetorical Reading and Writing) & HUM 200 (Great Works)

Dr. Allison Fagan, ENG 248 (Survey of American Literature II: 1865-Present)

Dr. Celestine Woodruff, MATH 235 (Calculus I)

CHEM 131 Team: Dr. Daniel Blumling, Dr. Christine Hughey, Dr. Barbara Reisner, Dr. Isaiah Sumner, Dr. Deborah Warnaar, Dr. Yanjie Zhang; CHEM 131 (General Chemistry) 

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