Many courses offered in JMU’s Study Abroad programs fulfill General Education requirements. Most of these are part of a fall, spring, or summer Semester Program and apply only to Cluster Two (the Arts and Humanities), but courses that meet requirements in other clusters are increasingly available through the Short Term Summer programs. Please note that course offerings can differ between Fall/Spring semester and Summer (this is usually the case for Semester Programs) and can also differ from summer to summer. The General Education program works closely with the Center for Global Engagement to be sure we have identical information regarding courses approved for GenEd credit. Students considering study abroad should consult the Center for Global Engagement (CGE) website and the tables below. Courses NOT listed on this site do not have approval for GenEd requirements.

NOTE: If you want to go abroad with a different college or university and transfer credit to JMU, then you will need to get approval using the Permission to Take Transfer Credit form and procedures.

Click Here for JMU Study Abroad courses currently approved for GenEd credit.


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