In 2021, the permanent site for the Justice & Nonviolence Research Lab was established in the Gandhi Center suite (DJH 1005A). The lab is a collaborative research space where interdisciplinary scholars research justice and peace into action.

The lab is also home to our scholarly journal, the International Journal on Responsibility. Please contact our Managing Editor, Sylvia Whitney Beitzel (, for more information.

Gandhi Center Research Fellowship

The Gandhi Center is accepting applications for a research fellowship in the Justice and Nonviolence Research lab. The fellowship will support JMU’s research mission and R2 status and aims to support scholarship that leads to publication. Ideally, projects should lead to applications for external funding as well as publication.

The Justice and Nonviolence Research lab will provide the fellow with a $7000 stipend in addition to library resource access. Office space also available if needed. The research fellow will present the research as part of the Beitzel Lecture Series in March 2024.

Fellows from any discipline are invited to apply and preference will be given to research projects that align with the mission and values of the Gandhi Center. Applications for AY 23-24 are due by Friday, March 31, 2023, and should include the following:

  • Statement of interest
  • Brief research proposal that includes project outcomes
  • Current CV

Please submit the applications electronically to the Gandhi Center Director, Dr. Taimi Castle, at

Gandhi Center Research Fellows

Spring 2023     Dr. Mari Pierce

                      Predictors of Life Versus Death: Using Trial Transcripts to Assess Capital Jury Decisions


AY 2021-22          Dr. Samiullah Nuristani 

                           Exploring the Corrosive Effects of Government Corruption on Social Capital in                                                       Afghanistan 


AY 2020-21     Dr. Yvan Ilunga

                     Race, Protest, and Democracy









Gratitude for funding for these projects is owed to Dr. Calvin Redekop and the Redekop Family Trust.

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