Criminal Justice Agents and Responsibility

The International Journal on Responsibility (IJR), an international, peer-reviewed, interdisciplinary journal housed at James Madison University, is seeking submissions for a special issue on agents of criminal justice.

The journal focuses on theoretical, practical, and methodological issues related to the concept of responsibility, and seeks to answer: “Who or what is responsible to do what for whom?”

With this question in mind, this special issue will center on the complex nuances associated with responsibility for producing just outcomes in the criminal justice system. Specific focus will be placed on the role law enforcement, judicial, and correctional actors play in affecting the trajectories of justice-involved individuals.

This volume of IJR will be guest edited by Heather L. Scheuerman of James Madison University. Manuscripts should be submitted to and should not exceed approximately 40 double-spaced pages (including Tables, Figures, and references).

Submission of a manuscript indicates a commitment to publish in IJR; therefore, manuscripts should not reflect previously published work and should not be under consideration elsewhere. Manuscripts must also conform to APA format. All manuscript submissions will undergo a peer review process.

Manuscript submissions will be solicited via direct invitation. Questions regarding this call for papers can be directed to the guest editor at

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