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 I received a notification that I am not meeting SAP, what does this mean and what do I do now?

We are required to monitor every student’s academic progress who files a FAFSA. If you fail to meet any of these three criteria: Pace, GPA and/or Maximum Time then you are no longer eligible to receive federal financial aid (including parent plus loans and certain private loans). But if you experienced any extenuating circumstances that prevented you from meeting SAP standards, you have the option to submit an appeal (within prescribed deadlines) to our office for review.

 I appealed my suspension and was granted permission to return to JMU, does this mean I qualify for financial aid?

No, the appeal for continued enrollment at JMU and for Satisfactory Academic Progress (SAP) are two completely separate processes and a favorable outcome for one does not guarantee the same for the other.

 I am planning to return to JMU and use the Transfer Equivalency Option so that should resolve my SAP issue, right?

No, we are required to include all attempted/earned credit hours when evaluating SAP, even the ones that are excluded because of the transfer equivalency option.

 If I withdraw from a class will it count against me?

Yes, withdraws are credits you’ve attempted but not actually earned credit for (as are Repeat/Forgiveness, Incompletes and F grades) and they will affect the pace calculation and max time requirements. Grades of ‘F’ will also affect your GPA requirement.

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