Professors verify academic activity for their class(es) once per semester/block/session. After the census date, instructors will have a seven-day window to complete their rosters through MyMadison. They are to indicate “yes” or “no” for each student regardless of if they are receiving financial aid. 

If a professor enters a “no” response:
  1. The student will receive an email from the Registrar’s Office indicating that because of non-activity, they will be administratively withdrawn from that course. Note: This will not result in a reduction of tuition charges.
  2. Our office will identify which students have financial aid and determine if changes need to be made.
Responses of “no” can be changed but it is completely up to the instructor so students will need to follow up with them to discuss their options.
If a professor does not respond:
  • If a professor does not complete their roster after the seven-day window, they will be contacted to submit their responses via email to our office for manual entry.
  • We will also contact students and add a To-Do list notification in MyMadison to increase transparency and assistance in obtaining the required information from professors.

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